$147.00 USD

Gain Influence & Authority using DiSC with Coach Sarah Khambatta, PCC

In this on-demand watch anytime course, I will walk you through reading your current style (are you dominant and need to know how to work with others? Or perhaps you want to gain recognition credibly). 

Either way, you'll be implementing your next-level style in 1-2 days. 

If you're not showing up as powerfully as you'd like, level up by utilizing your style to influence others. 

This course is for leaders and professionals who want to optimize their style to Influence in moments that matter most.  

The process to get you there:

  • You receive a DiSC Assessment & DiSC Report

  • Watch the on-demand course to learn about and leverage your style & get results 

  • Implement your strengths during conflict and challenges while understanding your impact.

  • Engage and influence others with different/irritating and challenging styles utilizing key learning to get better outcomes.

  • Leverage your optimized style in interviews, high-pressure high-stake meetings, and significant life events.

  • Lastly, you will actively create stretch goals, together with me inside this course to utilize ongoingly within specific leadership and professional contexts.

I look forward to sending your the assessment and course details when you purchase.


What People Are Saying:

This course is fantastic! I will be able to use what I learned and start implementing the goals. It took about 80-90 mins all in. Highly recommend.

Current Executive client