Get Work You Love & The Life You Deserve

8 Week Course and Group Coaching

with Sarah Khambatta, PCC 

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You only live once, it's time to:   


  • Get your dream work and be paid what you deserve.
  • Ditch the self-doubt, fears and imposter syndrome in exchange for the confidence you know you can do this.
  • Shine in your fabulous, audacious essence while fulfilling your purpose, passion or mission.
  • Have a career that aligns with who you want to be in the world.
  • Leave burnout or struggle behind and start profiting from doing work you love.
  • Be hired, promoted or begin your ideal role fulfilling your bigger life.  

Well, Congratulations there my friend :)


If you answered yes or hell yes to the above, then you are more than ready!

Once you sign up and the course begins, you will receive a DiSC assessment, and you will get the best tools, exercises and coaching afforded my private coaching clients.

We will meet each week for 8 weeks on zoom as you step into the work you love while living the life you have deserved!

Stop going it alone, get massive hands-on live support by a trained successful coach in this 8 week coaching course with group coaching.  Learn strategy and tools and begin to take actions together to shine doing the work you love.

I've been there myself and am ecstatic I left my previous full time role and am now a successful certified leadership and life coach for the past decade.

I will take this group through a process to co-create your success. This is a group of a maximum of 12 women who will gain value from my approach in the course as well as weekly group coaching.

I am truly excited for your journey, and... in those moments it's scary. I'm here for you and your group is here for you too!

There is a special, undeniable power present with a strong, busy and brilliant group of courageous women.  You are one of them.

Get work you love & the life you deserve starts in January!

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