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Imposter Syndrome Begone! Course

Go from Self-Doubt to Self-Confident 

Get ready to gain confidence, calm and clarity! THIS is the course for you if you have an unexplainable fear that pops up when you go for a big job, opportunity or anything that really matters, dive in here.

What you gain by taking this course:

  • Access to self-confidence when you feel challenged.
  • Ability to quiet the fears that sabotage your spirit.
  • Boldness to accept the opportunities in your career and life knowing you can handle them.
  • Sense of calm, wellness and support.

Take it from someone who's experienced imposter syndrome!

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DiSC Report: Operationalize Your Style


Get your report here and dive into your very own private training.

This DiSC course also includes the official DiSC Assessment and Report. 

The 8 videos walk you through reading, synthesizing and optimizing your style.  Why?  To Uplevel your results in communication, collaboration and influence at work and anywhere you interact with people. 

I will walk you through optimizing your communication and behavior style to leverage when it matters most.  Whether you are leveling up in your current role - or branching out to another one: how you operate matters!

This course walks you through YOUR personal style assessment, how to use it to influence others and how to remain optimized during conflict.

The full running time depends on you, and the content is accessible right away when you receive your report.

Clear off your desk, grab your report and learn-in-a day or several days about yourself and others' styles.  You may even laugh as you recognize how humans operate and how to cut through the noise to gain what you want.

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Get Work You Love™ Group Coaching & Course with Sarah

Get instant access to the group coaching and course and change your life forever. 
Here's what you get:
  • Group Coaching Sessions Twice a Month on Zoom (60 min)
  •  Private Coaching Sessions with ICF Certified Sarah Khambatta, PCC
  •  Video training is released monthly
  •  DiSC Personal style assessment and report by Wiley
  •  Exclusive Guests
  •  Access to a Thriving, Supportive Community of Women
  •  Private Community page for contact with Sarah & Group
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